Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bip Bip Bro...or Maybe Bro-Meister

Or something.  We are not sure yet what to call this Bip Bip-evo.  They kinda look the same.  Wear the same shoes.  But the new one is the big brother.  The brother of all Bip-Bips.

Looks kinda lika a STROOMPHY (the French version of the Smurphs) but Fanny likes COOKIE (because its a Westfalia James COOK)

We bought this 2001 Mercades-Benz Sprinter 313CDI from a guy in Austria.  He only had it for 3.5 months we hear as he took his new wife on a honeymoon tour to Mongolia and back.  We picked up this uber-clean van already decked out, hyper maintained (all the documentation and history from the first owner!) and upgraded and PRETESTED.  How lucky is that: because that is just what our plan; Paris - UlaanBaatar.  Niiiice!

Of course the idea is to meander.  No fixed agenda yet.  Thoughts of a spring departure with visits to friends in Italy, then on to Croatia, Georgia....I have my eye set on the far east of Turkey before heading into the 'Stans then up and around China to MONGOLIA.  Yes and a return via the northern route Lake Baikal Russia.  Fanny figures Finland/Sweden are in the loop too.

You can see more photos and details here 

So our first challenge?  To matriculate an Austrian van in France.  Peeooo.

I suppose we are going to have to modify our blog...maybe get a new one.